Leadership Team



 Apostle Terry and  Pastor Fiona Noel

Apostle Terry And Pastor Fiona Noel are the lead Apostolic and Pastoral leaders of Saskatoon Full Gospel church. Both have been born and raised in Durban South Africa and Apostle Terry first came to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour in 1975 and Pastor Fiona came to Christ as Saviour and Lord later in 1981. Both were raised up in the Souls Outreach Association of Durban South Africa under the headship of Bishop Derek Fynn a man of God with insatiable heart for the lost and has a ministry that spans over 40years and has sons and daughters in ministry across the globe. It was here that Apostle Terry first got the taste of ministry by driving the men of God to Crusades for Jesus and Evangelistic outreaches. Apostle Terry has also together with his wife founded the Bridge Ministry International Inc a present day Apostolic network of churches and ministers passionate about God’s agenda in the nations of the earth. Apostle Terry has graduated from the Christ For The Nations Bible Institute with an Associates Degree in Practical Theology, and the Masters International School of Divinity with a Bachelor of Ministry In Pastoral Ministry and a Master of Ministry in Pastoral Ministry as well has received an honorary Doctorate of PracticalTheology from the Ablaze Theological Academy Inc.

Pastor Fiona has served at the side of her husband Apostle Terry as a help meet and personal Intercessor for many years and in 1996 received a Scholarship to CFNI Dallas Texas to study and then went on to join her husband in Canada where she co-pastors the Saskatoon Full Gospel Church. Pastor Fiona‚ passion has always been prayer which came about as a result of been delivered from a spirit of Fear and not knowing God as personal saviour she was driven to an intimate place with the Lord.  She is currently the Prayer Pastor of the local Saskatoon Full Gospel Church and has provided oversight to the prayer initiatives of the network of ministries called Bridge Ministry International Inc. which she co-founded with her husband Apostle Terry about in 2000.



Pastor Gord & Doreen Kyler

Gordon Kyler accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Saviour in October of 1983 at a Full Gospel Business Men‚ Supper. Pastor Gordon Kyler and his family started attending Saskatoon Full Gospel Church in the year 2000 and have been at the church until current under the leadership of Apostle Terry Noel. Pastor Gordon has been mentored under the headship of Apostle Terry for the last 10years and has been released by Apostle Terry to preach and teach in many places including abroad in the nation of South Africa and South America. Many have been blessed with his ministry and many have received healing after prayer because of the rich anointing on Pastor Gordon‚ life. He has traveled extensively as a Timothy to Apostle Terry Noel. Pastor Gordon has recently been brought on staff at the Saskatoon Full Gospel filling a vital role in the life of the ministry.


Ministries and Leaders:

Pastor Fiona Noel – Prayer Ministry

Prayer is a very important emphasis of the church. In Luke 11 Jesus said, ‚ ask and it will be given unto you. All church activities and church families are bathed in prayer. Prayer was a very important part of the New Testament church in Acts and so it is for us. Corporate prayer takes place prior to Sunday services and there is also corporate prayer meeting every Wednesday from 1:00 pm‚ to 2:00 pm. Fasting is also encouraged as a regular part of the believers life. Prayer requests can be submitted via the church website or phoned into the church office.






Andy & Deb Tomyn – Northern Ministry

God has told us in the Gospels to reach out to ‚ Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and Samaria and to the end of the earth. In response to this, our church has a supportive, ministering relationship with several churches in Northern Saskatchewan such as North Battleford, Meadow Lake, Beauval, Big River and Ile-a-la-Crosse and across Canada. During the summer, tent meetings are held at different places.

Jason & Jackie Yochim – Ushering Ministry

Ushers have an important role to play in church life; they are often the first person a new visitor will meet at church. It is therefore important that our ushers welcome our people and the new faces that show up at our church will meet one of the most welcoming infectious and contagious smiles they will ever encounter found in our head Usher and his greeting team. Our ushers help create an encouraging and loving environment for everyone to meet with and hear from God. A loving, smiling usher helps to make people feel welcome and wanted. The ushers also help with facilitating the smooth flow of services and assist with alter ministry. This is a vital ministry that serves the people and supports the work of the Elders and Leaders.


Pastor’s Kenton and Jose Kyler – Youth Ministry

Our goals are to love, disciple and mentor youth to prepare them for a God-centred life and effective ministry. We desire to help every young person grow personally and spiritually. We want this ministry to be more than just programs and events but to develop a real vision for global mission in our youth. We want to make a difference in the church and the community as well as in each young person‚ life. Youth meetings are held every Friday at 7pm at the church for all youth from 13 years of age up to those in gr.12. All welcome at anytime!

Lawrence and Masesi Masilela – Children’s Ministry

The vision of SFGC Children’s Ministry is that every CHILD would become an effective minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We believe our children are not only the church of tomorrow but are an effective part of the church today. Five key areas are Praise/Worship (Psalm 8:2), Prayer (Joel 2:15-16), Scripture Memorization (Psalm 119:11), Bible Study (Matthew 22:29) and active ministry (1Timothy 4:12). Children can join us every Sunday morning for an exciting time exploring God’s word.

Scott and Theresa Ziegler – Missions Directors


Jonathan & Rachelle Hutchinson – Worship Ministry

Praise and Worship is a very essential and important part of our church service. The Bible says in John 4:23 – that God is looking for people to “worship Him in Spirit and in truth.” Praise and Worship at SFGC is lively, expressive and scriptural following the examples found in Psalms. This leads the congregation into the presence of God and creates a climate for the Holy Spirit to work in the rest of the service.

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