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Ladies All Night Prayer!

On Friday August 21, 2015 our Ladies got together corporately to pray into the night and the early hours of the morning. This prayer time was a time for the ladies to soak our Annual Conference in..


Strike It's Bowling Night

This was another event that the ladies did and what a fun, exciting and enjoyable time that was. Have a look at a few of our pictures to see just how much fun we had..Our ladies had such a great ..


Women Of Valor - Pool & BBQ Bash

Our Ladies Ministry on a Sunday afternoon kicked off the summer with a bbq & pool bash. We were blessed with beautiful weather which allowed for many hours of swimming, fun and fellowship. Wha..


The outcome of our Suffering

Philippians 3:8-10 | 03-Sep-2015

In this short message Apostle Terry Noel brings us to the place where we can make sense of the Suffering that we go through. He shows us how we can look upon the times of Suffering and see what kind of lessons we can take from them. Apostle Terry also says when we have Suffered then we learn from those lessons and we will never want to go back to that place...


Praying hands | Photo Credit to Jill Jellidonut Whatever of Flickr

Corporate Prayer

When: 6th October Time: 7:00pm Where: Call the church office and we will let you know

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Tuesday, 6th October


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Wednesday, 7th October

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Friday, 9th October


arise & shine

Arise and Shine

September 11&12, Saskatoon Full Gospel hosted it's Annual Women of Valor Conference at Elim Tabernacle Church. We were blessed as always with ..


Hope For Hopeless Times

Let me take this time to put some thoughts on paper as one who grew up in the time where paper meant a whole lot. Now with the advent of the Inter..

altar call

Healing In Today's Day And Age

Do you believe that Jesus still heals today? There are so many people that are sick and don't have hope. Lots of people don't believe that Jesus s..


Always Be Thankful And Recognize God In Our Success

When we obey God and when we are faithful and committed to Him, I believe that God will bless us and give us success in everything that we do acco..